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The Day of the Robot


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The Day of the Robot

Studio album by Buckethead
Released April 30, 1996
Genre Drum and bass, experimental rock
Length 42:51
Label Subharmonic
Producer Bill Laswell

* Allmusic 4/5 stars link
The Day of the Robot is the third studio album by Buckethead. Known as his "Jungle" album due to the presence of UK "Beat Scientist" DJ Ninj, an occasional Bill Laswell collaborateur.[1] It is currently out of print, making it a valuable collector's item, but can be found in the download store of TDRS Music.

The title "The Day of the Robot" is most likely a reference to The Six Million Dollar Man episode of the same name[2] while "Flying Guillotine" refers to a legendary weapon that was used, inter alia, in several movies.

The album's songs, especially "Destroyer" and "Flying Guillotine", display some of Bucket's use of extreme heavy riffs, adding to this an experimental side by quickly shifting to slow calm beats.

Track listing
1. "Destroyer: Speed Flux Quadrant / Inclusion / Exhaust Release" 13:00
2. "Flying Guillotine" 7:20
3. "Quantum Crash" 5:58
4. "Collision" 8:20
5. "Caution Drop" 8:06


* Buckethead: guitars.
* Ninj: bass and drums, keyboards.
* Bill Laswell: low bass, drums.