Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kevin Ayers - Joy of a Toy [UK Bonus Tracks]

Kevin Ayers is one of the finest and most influential musical talents to have emerged in Britain during the mayhem and madness of the late Sixties. Yet like peer and fellow Harvest records pioneer Syd Barrett, he has always been profoundly uneasy with the self-promotion that the pop music world demands. In fact, he abhors it. Ayers is an English eccentric, a supreme raconteur, a maverick innovator who has always remained true to his musical ideals and for these reasons his legacy is being celebrated by a new generation of performers today.


marram62 said...

1. Joy of a Toy Continued

2. Town Feeling

3. Clarietta Rag

4. Girl on a Swing

5. Song for Insane Times

6. Stop This Train (Again Doing It)

7. Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)

8. Lady Rachel

9. Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong

10. All This Crazy Gift of Time

11. Religious Experience (Singing a Song in the Morning)

12. Lady Rachel [Extended First Mix]

13. Soon Soon Soon

14. Religious Experience (Singing a Song in the Morning)

15. Lady Rachel [Single Version]

16. Singing a Song in the Morning

Cheshire Adams said...

Cheers for this. I've heard a couple songs from it and am consequently hungering for more.

Peace and love,