Thursday, February 3, 2011

Henry Cow - Western Culture (1979)

Western Culture is an instrumental album which came about as a result of disagreements in the band as to what the composition of their next album should be. Recording had already begun at Sunrise Studios in January 1978 and some members were not happy about the predominance of song-oriented material. As a compromise it was agreed that two albums would be made: one of "songs" (released soon after as Hopes and Fears under the name of a new group Art Bears) and one of purely instrumental compositions. The group returned to Sunrise Studios in July that year to record the instrumental pieces for Western Culture, except "½ the Sky", which had been recorded during the January sessions.

Henry Cow split up shortly after recording this album.

01 - Industry
02 - The Decay Of Cities
03 - On The Raft
04 - Falling Away
05 - Gretels Tale
06 - Look Back
07 - Half The Sky

* Tim Hodgkinson – organ, clarinet, alto saxophone, Hawaiian guitar, piano
* Lindsay Cooper – bassoon, oboe, soprano saxophone, sopranino recorders
* Fred Frith – electric & acoustic guitars, bass guitar, soprano saxophone
* Chris Cutler – drums, electric drums, noise, piano, trumpet


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Link is not working, my friend. Could you please re-upload it?

Anonymous said...

'Henry Cow split up shortly after recording this album'

I'm not totally surprised. To my ears, they had become everything they at first seemed to stand against – a new Art-Chamber-Rock that seems to owe more to the Conservatory than the ideals of free radical composition that they had started with.