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Birdsongs of the Mesozoic - Fossil Record 1980-1987

The Fossil Record is all unreleased material by the original lineup (featuring Roger Miller) & an excellent overview. ''Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic has found a common ground amoung garage band rock, classical, minimalism, UK progressive rock, and it's own favorite noises.''-The New York Times. ''...fantastically innovative music.''-Exposé. ''...a fresh & almost indescribable fusion of rock, jazz, modern classical, sampled sound & noise.''
Recommended for the highly adventurous (let's face it, a band that lists "chain on metal, a Mercury Cougar hubcap and a paint can" among their instruments should be a fair warning as to their 'unorthodox behaviour'. No pun intended here, except to say that BRAND X sound like pussy cats compared to these guys). Fans of ZAPPA, KING CRIMSON, AFTER CRYING and particularly UNIVERS ZERO will love this.

Studio Album, released in 1993

Songs / Tracks Listing 1. Sound Valentine (3:16)
2. Pulse Piece (3:07)
3. The Transformation Of Oz (2:21)
4. Tyronglaea (2:44)
5. Chen/The Arousing (1:56)
6. Sombre Reptiles (3:08)
7. Laramide Revolution (5:33)
8. Out Of Limits (2:34)
9. Biff The Brontosaurus (4:11)
10. Carbon 14 (4:40)
11. Modern Warfare (3:45)
12. March (2:22)
13. Lqabblil Insanya (4:36)
14. Slo-Boy (3:48)
15. To A Random (23:19)


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