Thursday, September 3, 2009

Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)

Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) is the first album by Bill Laswell's everchanging "supergroup" Praxis. This first album features Buckethead on guitar, Bootsy Collins on bass and vocals, Brain on drums, Bernie Worrell on keyboards and DJ AF Next Man Flip on turntables and mixer.

Transmutation features a wide range of musical styles, all mixed together to make a very diverse and unique album. Styles such as heavy metal, funk, hip hop, ambient, jazz and blues are blended together to form a strange style of avant-garde, with extended guitar and keyboard solos, and highly improvised passages.

1. "Blast/War Machine Dub" 3:51
2. "Interface/Stimulation Loop" 2:17
3. "Crash Victim/Black Science Navigator" 3:42
4. "Animal Behavior" 7:09
5. "Dead Man Walking" 5:14
6. "Seven Laws of Woo" 5:05
7. "The Interworld and the New Innocence" 6:29
8. "Giant Robot/Machines in the Modern City/Godzilla" 6:38
9. "After Shock (Chaos Never Died)" 16:20

Note: Track 8 starts out with the Giant Robot theme, that is also featured on Buckethead's Bucketheadland album.

* Praxis:
o Bootsy Collins - space bass, vocals.
o Buckethead - guitar, toys.
o Brain - drums.
o Bernie Worrell - synthesizer, clavinet & vital organ.
o AF Next Man Flip (Lord of the Paradox) - turntable, mixer.
+ also known as Afrika Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers


marram62 said...

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Scary blog. Scary but good. A suggestion (not a request - I already have it) - Paralyzed Void Of The Archangel Mind, by the "Harmony Rockets" (really Mercury Rev). It's your cup of meat, right up your street, and as far as I know never blogged not nowhere anyhow.

Got any Cowsills?

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Or Paralyzed Mind Of The Archangel Void. That's good, too.

marram62 said...

y'mean that cowsills remix project by mike patton & merzbow? no, cuz it don't exist...(YET!). thanks for the harmony angels suggestion, oh! also thanx for 'taking the buddha out of buddhism '. the youth of your country thank you. too...