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Buckethead - Colma (1998)

Colma is Buckethead's fourth studio album, released March 24, 1998, by CyberOctave records.

The title of the album makes reference to the small town of Colma near San Francisco, California, where "the dead population outnumber the living by thousands to one".

Berklee College of Music alumni Teri Untalan guested on two tracks of the album. In a 2009 interview she recalled Buckethead as being "an odd one, an elusive character".

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Buckethead.

1. "Whitewash" 4:44
2. "For Mom" 5:10
3. "Ghost" 5:29
4. "Hills of Eternity" 5:07
5. "Big Sur Moon" 1:13
6. "Machete" 6:18
7. "Wishing Well" 4:03
8. "Lone Sal Bug" 5:32
9. "Sanctum" 3:42
10. "Wondering" 2:16
11. "Watching the Boats with My Dad" 5:07
12. "Ghost Part 2" 2:31
13. "Colma" 3:15


* The song "Colma" is identical to the Pieces song "General Butterfly", but excludes the spoken dialogue given (presumably by Buckethead) throughout the song.
* The song "Hills of Eternity" is named after the cemetery "Hills of Eternity" where Wyatt Earp is buried.
* The song "Wishing Well" is identical to the Pieces song "Danyel", but excludes Buckethead's singing.



* Buckethead — guitars and bass.
* Brain — drums and loops.
* DJ Disk — scratches on "Machete," "Hills of Eternity," and "Lone Sal Bug."
* Bill Laswell — bass on "Machete".
* Terry Untalan — cello and viola on "Wondering" and "Lone Sal Bug."

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