Friday, December 11, 2009

Amps for Christ - Thorny Path

Electronic primitivist project Amps for Christ was primarily the work of Claremont, CA-based Henry Barnes, formerly of Man Is the Bastard. An outlet for Barnes' interest in polyethnic folk traditions and faux-Celtic mysticism, Amps for Christ proved equally distinctive for its use of custom-built guitars and electronics, recording with a number of occasional collaborators, including vocalist Tara Tikkitavi, percussionist Joel Connell, and someone or something dubbed Enid Snarb. Releases include 1997's Thorny Path, 1999's Circuits, 2000's Electrosphere, 2001's Oak in the Ashes, 2004's People at Large, and 2006's Every Eleven Seconds.

The concept behind Amps for Christ is this: its members play acoustic instruments, woodwinds, and organs, but process them electronically into a strange, highly distorted mid-range murk. This creates a very interesting mess -- The band's work with Two Ambiguous Figures deals with the same concept, but ends up far more listenable.

1 Cock of the Worth
2 A Very Mode-Ultar Song
3 Whisteltron
4 Native Soil
5 Inja
6 Country Core
7 Patriots
8 National War
9 Folkcore
10 Millennium
11 Global Warming
12 Prepared Teac
13 Perpared Conn in D Minor
14 Heathkit
15 Pain of the Fire
16 Carrickfergus
17 Lynn Ann's Flower
18 Rasberry Box
19 Elleven Twelfths
20 Hamtar
21 Old Paint
22 Wolffskill Falls
23 Time Is the Coupler

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