Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lux Nova Umbra Est

A wheezing sound from a dry throat. A swollen joint. A curious tingling on the surface area above a vital organ. Lux Nova Umbra Est's debut EP manifests as a fever with plans to linger, duping its victim with all-too-brief episodes of relief before the punishment resumes. Featuring members of California bands Djam Karet and Controlling Hand, Light Is The New Dark is a hard-hitting half hour of incendiary, fusion-tinged instrumental music that dashes any and all psychedelic leanings for rockier vistas.

Lead guitarist Mike Henderson comes to the fore in a manner heralded on the heaviest DK albums, Burning The Hard City and A Night For Baku; Henderson's razor-sharp chordings and molten riffs scorch and froth amidst a nightmarish bog of seething textures. While Henderson will be the main draw for many, it must be noted that bassist Aaron Kenyon (CH/DKMkII) and drummer Joel Connell are a lethal rhythm section — Connell's playing is equal parts Bruford, Bozzio, and Peart, and Kenyon is a stupendous talent who has only recently found himself dodging the crosshairs of obscurity. Keyboardist [and occasional guitarist] Michael Xenakis sprinkles extraterrestrial Ozric-esque timbres across the proceedings, but does engage in some live action like the jazzy piano leads & solos in the multi-faceted, epic-length "Laughing Babylon." "Wo Ist Das Licht?" is a racy rocker that roars down the tracks like the classic DK cut, "Technology & Industry," and "Dr. Senf" is a merciless slab of heavy, with escapee fills from Connell flying like sparks from a jumping jack firecracker. All things said, an electric guitar tone hasn't sounded quite as riveting as this for some time, and this quartet plays like a feral pack that has gnawed through its tethers.

The first full-length recording will be a treat. Essential listening.


1. Hello 1:34
2. Wo Ist Das Licht? 8:49
3. Wave To Yourself 0:41
4. Dr. Senf 7:35
5. Who Are You? 0:52
6. Laughing Babylon 13:46
7. Thank You 2:33

Total time: 35:46

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