Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Polysoft - Tribute To Soft Machine

Collectif Polysons is a French Collective that, as the liner notes to Tribute to Soft Machine Live a Le Triton 2002 describe, "consists of four musicians-soloists-composers, exists as a forum involving various guest artists who assemble for concert events with one common denominator: improvisation." So when Polysons recruited two ex-Soft Machine members, bassist Hugh Hopper and saxophonist Elton Dean, for this tribute to one of Britain's most influential historical jazz/rock outfits, they became Polysoft, performing their tribute first in '98, and then again in '02, when this concert was recorded.

Track listing: Facelift Intro; Facelift; Chloe and the Pirates; Gesolreut; Pig; Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening; As If; Kings & Queens; Slightly All the Time; Noisette 1; Backwards; Noisette 2.

Personnel: Collectif Polysons: Francois Merville (drums, percussion), Serge Adam (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jean-Remy Guedon (tenor sax, flute), Pierre-Olivier Govin (baritone sax, saxello)
With guests: Hugh Hopper (bass guitar), Elton Dean (alto sax, saxello), Emmanuel Bex (Hammond organ).


marram62 said...

Anonymous said...

All this sterling work under your various blog identities and not a single comment that I can see. Shame on them: I bet plenty have downloaded stuff though. It took me until today to find a link to this blog mind, so perhaps this is too well kept as a secret.
I shall attempt to spread the word especially about platters such as "Polysoft' which is a new one on me. Call yourself a fan?!
Anywho, thanks for the hard work.
Blog on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks marram62 for 'Polysoft-Tribute To Soft Machine'. I've been listening to Soft Machine since 1969 and this is the first 'tribute' I've come across, though with Dean and Hopper onboard its really more of a continuation of the "Soft Heap...Head...Mountain...Legacy" continuum. Compliments on you site!


Dan Burke said...

likewise, i got into sft machine when i was in 8th grade and 'volume two' was current. i started writing to wyatt as a 15 year old and got three postcards back from him. the third card was after 'the fall'. he started with: 'no more drums. can't say as i'll miss 'em much'!
this polysoft disc is fantastic! buy it hardcopy if available to show support. just got the new 'soft machine legacy' and 'elton dean with wrong object'. brilliant!!!!!!!