Saturday, May 22, 2010

Amon Düül II - The UA Years-1969-1974

The Best of Amon Düül II 1969-1974, a collection that charts the best moments from the best period of one of the most fascinating (and often bewildering) German groups of the '70s. Included are tracks from several of Amon Düül II's best LPs: from Yeti comes "Soap Shop Rock" and "Pale Gallery," from Tanz der Lemminge comes "A Short Stop at the Transylvanian Brain-Surgery" and "Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight," and from Wolf City there's "Surrounded by the Stars," "Deutsch Nepal," and the title track. Though Amon Düül II's albums of the period are necessary for fans of the group, this makes not only a perfect introduction for new listeners but also a handy summation of what made the band great.

01 Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
02 Archangels Thunderbird
03 Deutsch Nepal
04 Kannan
05 Surrounded by the Stars
06 Improvisations
07 Soap Shop Rock
08 Wolf City
09 Cerberus
10 Henriette Krotenschwanz A
11 Race from Here to Your Ears
12 Kronwinkl 12 Weinzierl
13 Utopia No. 1
14 Stumbling over Melted Moonlight
15 A Morning Excuse
16 A Short Stop at the Trans-Sylvanian Brain-Surgery
17 Pale Gallery


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