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Moving Gelatine Plates - The World Of Genius Hans (1972)

Moving Gelatine Plates

1. The World of Genius Hans (14:00)
2. Funny Doll (4:25)
3. Astromonster (6:15)
4. Moving Theme (3:46)
5. Cauchemar (3:46)
6. We Were Loving Her (3:28)
7. Un Jour... (1:25)

Total Time: 60:17


- Maurice Hemlinger / organ, trumpet, soprano and tenor saxophone, flute
- Gerard Bertram / electric guitar, vocals acoustic guitar
- Didier Thibault / bass, vocals, 12-string guitar
- Gerard Pons / drums, percussion

Easily one of the most interesting groups to have come outta France in the early 70's along with Magma and Gong, Moving Gelatine Plates second album is certainly impressive.

The title track, the awesome 14 min+ 'World of Genius Hans' is probably their magnum opus displaying excellent capabilities from all musicians. But clearly the star of the show is Hemlinger and his never ending switch from trumpet to saxes , flutes and Kb works. 'Astromonster' yet another highlight and 'Moving Theme' is without a doubt a leftover of lengthy concert improvisations. The album ends on a calm note with a short sax-filled Un Jour... Their vocals are sparse and in English and generally very the CD and ya get a buncha outta sight bonus tracks...check it out!'s all good!


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