Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Suntreader - Zin Zin (1973)

1. Zin-Zin 13:52
2. Stardance 9:57
3. Orinoco 12:50
4. From The Region Of Capricorn 12:17

The Band :-
Morris Pert - Drums & Percussion
Peter Robinson - Electric Pianos
Alyn Ross - Bass Guitar

R.I.P.: Morris David Brough Pert (9 September 1947 – 27 April 2010) was a Scottish composer, drummer/percussionist, and pianist, who played as a session musician with many musicians, including Paul McCartney, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Williams, Kate Bush, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, Bryan Ferry, Phil Collins, Elkie Brooks, Talk Talk and the jazz-rock band Brand X, as well as having his own solo career...


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thanks - steve.

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Just discovered your excellent blog! I'm delighted to find this - had it on vinyl (as commenters always say) back in the day, and haven't heard it for decades. Do you have any Stomu Yamash'ta?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rarity!!! (sounds like a vinyl rip)
I'm a HUGE fan of Brand X and i've never even seen this one before! Thanks Again. --dandor