Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magma - 1974 June 01 - Chaumont, France


01. Theusz Hamtahk
02. Soi Sowiloi
03. Kohntarkosz
04. MDK (cut)

Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Janik Top, Michel Graillier, Gerard Bikialo, Brian Godding

I always liked this show a lot, Janik Top and Christian Vander are playing very tight especially on this one.Claude Olmos had left the group by this time, and Brian Godding was shortly in on guitar during June/July and probably August 74. This tape and the Grande Motte being the only known live tapes with him.
I am actually still wondering, if this might not as well be a soundboard tape, the bass sound is so clear and upfront in the mix without interfering with any of the other instruments. All instruments are clearly audible. I think it sounds pretty good. As with all Magma shows from this era, and to get the real idea of how dynamic the playing of this line-up was: PLAY THEM LOUD!


marram62 said...

http://rapidshare.com/files/255410560/Magma_-_1974_June_01_-_Chaumont__France_Pt1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/255417702/Magma_-_1974_June_01_-_Chaumont__France_Pt2.rar

Rodolphe said...

Claude Olmos is the guitar player & Brian Godding had never played live with Magma.The picture of the back cover don't show the Chaumont line up (Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Janik Top, Michel Graillier, Gerard Bikialo,Claude Olmos).Thanks.