Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Burns Never Returns

What Burns Never Returns is the third album by Don Caballero, a Pittsburgh-based math rock band. What Burns Never Returns was released on Touch and Go Records in 1998 and was a reunion of sorts for the band -- it was their first album after a two-year hiatus and it marked the return of original bassist Pat Morris.

The album is notable for guitarist Ian Williams' first significant experimentation with pedals and other electronic effects. This style would be prevalent in both Williams' and the band's subsequent work.


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marram62 said...

Complex and challenging. This disc finds beauty in ugly places. It creates a very rich, textured sound. King Crimson is a major influence. Three - and four - note figures repeat, rotate and vary mechanically with an intense and vibrant clockwork discipline. Cirrus streaks flicker by in the high-speed winds of distorted guitar harmonics. All the while, the drums chop and shred like the blades of a heavy Sikorsky. Any of Don Cab's records could rank with the top rock discs of the decade, but "What Burns Never Returns" -their third- is the most developed and crystalline.

Track listing

1. "Don Caballero 3" – 9:42
2. "In the Absence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the Way of the Charging Bull" – 4:35
3. "Delivering the Groceries at 138 Beats Per Minute" – 5:49
4. "Slice Where You Live Like Pie" – 5:09
5. "Room Temperature Suite" – 5:31 medley of the songs "Trey Dog's Acid" and "Room Temperature Lounge", both of which were released as a seven inch single on Touch and Go Records in 1997, then re-released on Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1) in 1999.
6. "The World in Perforated Lines" – 3:52
7. "From the Desk of Elsewhere Go" – 7:51
8. "June Is Finally Here" – 4:56


* Don Caballero:
o Damon Che - drums; guitar on some songs including "Delivering the Groceries..."[1]
o Ian Williams - guitar
o Pat Morris - bass guitar
o Mike Banfield - guitar